Pharmaceutical marketing agency
The request to The S-Team was to test the cold email outreach tool for their product, as the industry is specific and very narrow.

For the test hypothesis, we selected Brand Manager positions in pharmaceutical companies in the UK.
Task: Find potential clients in the pharmaceutical industry.
As a result of the testing, we conducted 2 touchpoints with the target audience, however, pharmaceutical companies did not generate "quick" applications (the industry's specificity and the vacation period influenced this - decision-making typically takes a long time), but improved loyalty metrics to the company, which contributes to brand memorability and increases the likelihood of future engagement.

Anton Saburov
The S-Team
Project Features
In our activities, we collected 300 contacts for Vivanti. We used the following data sources:
  • LinkedIn scraping
  • Manual contact research
  • Executive databases

As part of the cold email outreach, we went through the following stages:
  • Search for relevant companies
  • Search for executive contacts
  • Writing personalized messages to executives
  • Launching email sequences
  • Communication processing
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