Forest Animation is a studio that creates animation for business. Kaspersky, Tinkoff, Semrush, Allianz are among the clients.

When I contacted The S-Team agency the main goal was to find English-speaking clients from Europe.

ICP description: Clients are small and medium-sized businesses, with the creative component inside who understand that quality animation can increase their performance in advertising and marketing.
What are the specifics of cold email outreach in marketing analytics?
  • Contacts are very hard to get on the phone.
The effort required to change a solution is high, so many respondents answer that they already have a solution and do not consider alternatives.
  • Different types of clients have different degrees of interest.
We have interacted with a variety of audiences in the course of our collaboration.
The most uninvolved in the dialogue are representatives of small local businesses.
The most involved are large businesses.
  • If we change the vector of the conversation to digital marketing and lead generation, the conversion to the dialogue is several times higher.
  • The detailed description of the work process in the letter reduces the conversion rate in return, so we try to talk in an easier and clearer language.
  • Elaboration of breakers in communication increases conversion into a repayment, but it doesn't always influence conversion into a meeting.

Anton Saburov
The S-Team
We dive into the project to understand what roles and companies we are interested in, what we can use in the content.
We set up a corporate domain for newsletters. We set up Google Workspace as a space for organizing corporate mailboxes.
We created and personalized corporate mailboxes for the business owner, as he went out to meetings with end clients.
Put the mailboxes on warm-up to increase delivery of incoming messages.
After getting a high rating of the domain and mailboxes we proceeded to work out the funnel and potential audience.

Initially the funnel was large and filled with information on all aspects of the job as well as with lots of links.

Hi {first_name}

My name is [[name]], I represent Forest animation.
We are here to help you blow some crypto minds with our explosive animation.
It took us 5 years to get to where we are now: we worked with the biggest brands, like Allianz and Kaspersky, and got some fancy animation industry awards.
And now we are ready to dive into the web 3.0 with you.
Check out our reel to see what we can do:
With us marketing no longer looks dumpy and boring and complicated information is easily explained.
We are keen to make [[project name]] look memorable and inspiring!
Could you, please, advise us, who is the appropriate person in your team to discuss this issue?

This did not yield high response rates, so we began testing other options soon.

A bouquet of outreach tools was used in this project. Hunter, Apollo, Lead Scraper, BlasterBounce etc.
The first attempts were test ones, we focused on the client's ICP.
They did not bring answers and calls.
We simplified the funnel, gathered new segments. After 3-4 iterations, we got to an audience that was ready to engage with us. The call bookings began.

The first audience we took to interact with was C-level representatives of large companies from Europe. The first questions were who you are and what you do.

After making adjustments to the funnel and working through audience hypotheses, we got quality feedback.

We focused on mid-sized companies with strong creative components. These include verticals - fintech, edtech, tech manufacturers and others .

Separately, we are launching a filter on investment in marketing as one of the parameters that we can influence with our product.

Right now the leadgen of Forest Animation is more of a text communication, with an output of feedback and recommendations from clients. The agency's SDR leads the correspondence and leads to the target action (a call with the client).

- Interested to know about the cost for this kind of video: [link]
- Cool! I like these things, how did you guys find us?
- Thanks for connecting with me. I would like to connect you with the right person for marketing. Please contact [email]. He is one of the founders and Heading the Growth and Strategy team. He will further assist you with this. Thanks.
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