Elly Analytics is a team of professionals who build marketing analytics. The team works with clients from the US and UK.

The S-Team has connected on a lead generation project through cold email outreach.
This is a new experience for Elly Analytics, having previously worked only with a cold calling agency.
What are the specifics of cold email outreach in marketing analytics?
  • Contacts are very hard to get on the phone.
The effort required to change a solution is high, so many respondents answer that they already have a solution and do not consider alternatives.
  • Different types of clients have different degrees of interest.
We have interacted with a variety of audiences in the course of our collaboration.
The most uninvolved in the dialogue are representatives of small local businesses.
The most involved are large businesses.
  • If we change the vector of the conversation to digital marketing and lead generation, the conversion to the dialogue is several times higher.
  • The detailed description of the work process in the letter reduces the conversion rate in return, so we try to talk in an easier and clearer language.
  • Elaboration of breakers in communication increases conversion into a repayment, but it doesn't always influence conversion into a meeting.

Anton Saburov
The S-Team
We dive into the project to understand what roles and companies we are interested in, what we can use in the content.
We created Google Workspace.
We created 4 corporate e-mail accounts, personalized them for the CEO of the company
We prescribed all the necessary tags for the delivery of emails to inboxes.
Warmed up the mailboxes to increase the probability of delivery of content inboxes.

After the technical stage, we prescribed several options for communication chains, programmed it into the inbox tool and began communicating.
A bouquet of outreach tools was used in this project. Hunter, Apollo, Lead Scraper, BlasterBounce etc.
The first attempts were test ones, we focused on the client's ICP.
They did not bring answers and calls.
We simplified the funnel, gathered new segments. After 3-4 iterations, we got to an audience that was ready to engage with us. The call bookings began.

What lessons we learned from the project:
  • A local presence is important. If your bizdev can come to the client, it increases the chances of outreach in the U.S. market.
  • Simplify the funnel wherever possible.
  • The quality of the audience is important. We've used more than 10 tools to find target audience contacts. Only 2-3 yield good quality audiences that go out on calls.
  • More experimentation with texts and audiences. Only by experimenting can you find bundles that work.
  • Pay attention to content delivery. We track delivery metrics every day. Due to this, when the corporate box trust drops even by ten percent (out of 100) it negatively affects the inbox hits.

Anton Saburov
The S-Team
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