A low-code ERP platform for business automation
Based on their current projects, colleagues from Aqtra approached our agency to test several segments:
  • Small technology companies
  • Developer and integrator companies for partnership opportunities
Task: Find a customer for the product
During this activity, we collaborated with the business development team, who joined us in refining hypotheses, segments, geographic areas, positions, and analyzing activity results. In complex niches, business development is the main focus.

Anton Saburov
The S-Team
Project Features
In our activities, we gathered CTOs, CIOs, and Senior developers for Aqtra.

Our agency's task included technical communication setup, targeting contact search, crafting communication sequences, launching them, and scheduling interested audiences for calls.

As a result of the testing, we conducted 3 touchpoints with the target audience. The responses did not generate "quick" applications, however, Aqtra acquired a good database with the needs and pains of the new audience, allowing them to refine their product.
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